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Mae govannen! 20_rings is a fanfic/fanart community modeled after places like 30_kisses and iy_no_kakera.

How it all works:

You claim a character, pairing, or platonic relationship from The Lord of the Rings and its related works (meaning The Hobbit, The Silmarillion, and Unfinished Tales are all fair game). You have twenty different themes in two different sets to choose from. You write a story or draw a fanart about your character/relationship for as many of the themes as you can manage.

Making Claims:

Claim Guidelines

You have two sets of themes you can choose from, and you're allowed two claims for each set. Once you have finished your twenty pieces, then your claim will be made available to other members. You are not allowed to make the same claim for both sets. So for example, if someone already has Aragorn for Set #1, then someone else can claim him for Set #2.

You cannot make the same claim twice in a row. If you've claimed Faramir/Éowyn and you've written for all twenty themes, then you cannot ask to claim them again until after someone else has had them.

Making your claim

You have three options to choose from:

Characters: When you claim a character, your pieces must focus on that character. Other characters may be featured as long as their roles are not dominant. You may also explore romantic aspects of the character, as long as your character is still at the center of the piece.
Pairings: Claiming a pairing does not mean that all of your pieces must be purely romantic, but a romantic interest should be implied. Pairings can also be one-sided; for example, someone claiming Aragorn/Éowyn does not have to write the love as being requited. So for the sake of simplicity, all relationships that have some kind of romantic interest will go here.
Platonic Relationships: These do not always need to be friendships, but they cannot be romantic. It is also not limited to two people. For instance, someone can claim the relationship between Denethor, Boromir, and Faramir, or even the bond that exists between the entire Fellowship, as long as it's shown in a platonic light. This means if you've claimed the Fellowship in this category, you cannot have implied Aragorn/Legolas in any of your pieces. That's what pairings are for.

A note about pairings: If you have an OT3/4/whatever that you'd like to use, feel free to request it. Here's how that'll work - if one person has Sam/Rosie/Frodo for Set #1, then someone else can still have Sam/Rosie or Sam/Frodo for Set #1.

You have two sets of themes to pick from:

Set #1
Set #2

Things to Note

What if I can't write for all twenty themes? Not a problem. You don't have to write for all of the themes. Just let me know if you've decided you can't finish and I'll take you off the list. If you don't make any posts for several months and haven't given me an explanation for why you haven't posted, I'll remove your name from the list and let someone else have your claims.

What if I've got an idea for a work that could fit under multiple themes? Again, not a problem. Just list all themes that apply.

Fanart: You can post either fanart or fanfic for each theme. You don't have to pick one or the other for the entire set. And if you can't decide which you want to do for a certain theme, go ahead and do both.

Story length: Poems, drabbles, full-length fics are all acceptable.

Theme (For example - "Set #1, Theme #12, Nostalgia")
Pairing(s) (Please list all that may apply - some people can be very picky about pairings, so it's best not to surprise anyone. ;) )
Notes (This is where you give story notes, like if it's AU, and anything that might squick people: non-con, character death, incest, etc.)

All fics and art must be posted behind an LJ cut.

Other things of interest

1. All authors and artists love feedback, so please try to give as much as possible. Constructive criticism is allowed, as long as it remains polite. Gently pointing out a few errors is acceptable; telling someone their story sucks is not, and any such comments will be deleted without warning.

2. I debated with myself over this, but in the end I decided to make this community open to slash. Whatever your views are on the subject, please respect those of others. Posters are required to list all possible pairings, so that readers who aren't fans of a particular pairing will know to steer clear. I don't care if you hate slash, or if you think that all het is terrible - bashing of any kind will not be tolerated. I honestly don't think there will be a problem with this, I just want to try to avoid any drama. Love and peace, y'all. ;D

3. All ratings are allowed, as long as the proper warnings are given. Just keep in mind that there might be underaged readers out there.

4. Have fun! :D

Read all the rules? Then go request your claims!

Set #1 Claims:

Character Claims:
Galadriel - adesso
Estella Bolger/Brandybuck - debacul
Merry - ansostuff
Pippin - _insilence
Legolas - elerrina_amanya
Éowyn - malonwic
Elrohir - jay_of_lasgalen
Thranduil - elliska

Pairing Claims:
Faramir/Éowyn - thesparkle
Merry/Éowyn - andy_longwood
Merry/Pippin - danachan
Frodo/Merry/Pippin - liampace
Sam/Rosie - perepip
Frodo/Sam - grapeofdeath
Frodo/Éowyn - febobe

Platonic Relationship Claims:
Merry and Pippin - featherfish
Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin (pre-Quest only) - dreamflower02
Frodo, Merry, and Pippin - azur_infinie
Elured and Elurin - febobe

Set #2 Claims:

Character Claims:
Pippin - danachan
Frodo - _insilence
Éowyn - prpl_pen
Sméagol - andy_longwood

Pairing Claims:
Rosie/Sam/Frodo - icybright
Wormtongue/Éowyn - featherfish
Frodo/Sam - blackbird_song
Merry/Pippin - apple_pi
Frodo/Merry/Pippin - danachan

Platonic Relationship Claims:
Éomer and Éowyn - adesso
The Fellowship - dreamflower02
Boromir, Merry, and Pippin - azur_infinie
Elrond and Elros - febobe
Frodo, Merry, and Pippin - hobbitloaf
Curufin, Feanor, and Celebrimbor - alassante

This community is maintained by adesso; feel free to send me any questions or comments you may have.